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Join Michael Lewis in championing fair tax policies, education, labor rights, healthcare, and liberty for all Kansans.

My Story

Tired of the status quo, where the rich get richer while seniors, the working class, and disabled American’s fall further behind, I am a political outsider striving for positive change in Kansas politics.


Some of the many issues that need improved to support working and marginalized Kansans.

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Tax Reform

Michael advocates for fair tax policies that fund the needs of our state, support the working class and ensures a more equitable financial system for all Kansans.

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Michael believes in robust education initiatives that provide equal opportunities for all students, preparing them for a successful future.

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Healthcare Rights

Michael will fight for accessible healthcare for all Kansans, ensuring quality medical services are affordable and available to everyone.

Working Class for the
Working Class

Michael is dedicated to elevating the voices of the working class, advocating for fairness, dignity, and liberty for all Kansans.

Working Class Advocate

Michael is a member of the working class and understands the struggles and aspirations of everyday Kansans, advocating tirelessly for their rights.

Inclusive Representation

Michael is devoted to ensuring that all voices are heard and represented in government, fostering a more inclusive and democratic society.

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