Greg Lewis, Kansas House of Representatives

Welcome to my online office!  I am honored to represent the 113th District in the Kansas House of Representatives.  I work hard every day to provide a strong voice for the rural way of life that our District and I cherish.  Together, we can work to help our rural communities to continue and thrive.  Like you, I want to ensure that our children and grandchildren can have the same opportunities that we have been afforded.  That is to prosper and enjoy the American Dream right here in the heart of Kansas.

My family and I have deep roots in Stafford County.  I am a 4th-generation farmer north of St. John close to Hudson.  My wife, Susan, and I raised our two children to value faith, community and education.

These same values are the ones I use in office to help guide me in my decision making.  I also rely on the expertise of many people around the district to provide guidance.  I would encourage you to reach out with your comments, questions and concerns.